Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 01/01/2023.

We are glad to have you on ("we," "us," or "our"), a platform where your privacy takes centre stage in an evolving digital era. This comprehensive Privacy Policy serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to safeguarding your personal information as you navigate the diverse dimensions of the website (the "Website") and partake in the vast array of services we provide (collectively, the "Services"). By actively engaging with the Website and embracing our Services, you demonstrate your understanding of the principles outlined in this Privacy Policy and wholeheartedly endorse our approach to data protection, a shared vision for a secure online environment where your trust and confidence flourish.

Information We Collect

a. Personal Information: At Shows.NG, we recognize the transformative power of personalization. To facilitate seamless user experiences, we thoughtfully collect personally identifiable information, including but not limited to your full name, email address, postal address, phone number, and payment details. These foundational data points serve as the building blocks for account registration, secure transaction processing, and orchestrating events that align precisely with your preferences, creating an intricate tapestry of personalized engagement that resonates with your unique needs.

b. Usage Data: Our unwavering dedication to enhancing user experiences drives us to gather comprehensive usage data. This panoramic view of your interactions with the Website includes your IP address, browser specifications, device attributes, and nuanced engagement patterns. This dynamic data tapestry serves as a guiding compass for refining our platform's functionality to meet your ever-evolving needs, enabling us to sculpt an environment that is responsive and adaptive, continuously catering to your preferences and desires.

c. Shaping Seamless Experiences: Embracing advanced tracking technologies like cookies, we sculpt seamless browsing experiences that transcend mere navigation. Beyond simplifying your journey, these technologies provide us with invaluable insights into your browsing behaviours, helping us decipher your digital footprint's contours. This knowledge fuels our continuous pursuit of refining and optimizing the Services, allowing us to create a symphony of features that seamlessly align with your preferences, enhancing your online journey.

How We Use Your Information

a. Service Enhancement and Provision: Your information is more than data; it's the cornerstone of our Services. From facilitating secure ticket purchases and efficient payment processing to delivering responsive customer support, your data plays an integral role. Moreover, this wealth of insights empowers us to evolve the Website and Services, ensuring their seamless alignment with your ever-evolving needs. Your engagement becomes an essential thread woven into the fabric of the platform's evolution, enabling us to craft an ecosystem that is functional and attuned to your desires.

b. Effective Communication: Effective communication is the lifeblood of our relationship. Your information facilitates a broad spectrum of communications—transactional or promotional emails, newsletters, and other correspondences intricately woven into the Services fabric. Should you opt out of marketing communications, we equip you with clear instructions within each email, empowering you to shape the nature and frequency of your engagement with us, fostering an environment of mutual respect and understanding.

c. Adherence to Legal Requirements: Adhering to legal mandates and nurturing a culture of transparency and ethics are non-negotiable for us. We may harness your information to fulfil legal obligations, navigate governmental requests, and ensure compliance with intricate legal processes. This commitment is the bedrock of our interactions, reinforcing a foundation of trust and transparency that forms the basis of our relationship with you.

Uniforms and Asoebi

a. Asoebi and Event-Specific Uniforms: Our Services extend beyond the confines of the digital realm to embrace the tangible expressions of culture and identity, often referred to as "Uniforms" and "Asoebi." These garments are more than fabric; they embody unity and participation, each thread interwoven with the cultural significance of shared experiences. By facilitating the distribution of these attires, we contribute to creating a vibrant tapestry of cultural unity.

b. Non-Returnable and Non-Refundable Policy: In recognition of the unique role of these garments, we institute a policy that once Uniforms and Asoebi find their place, they become treasured keepsakes, non-returnable and non-refundable. This policy harmonizes event orchestration, streamlines inventory management, and sparks a collective sense of belonging. It encapsulates the ethos of cultural unity and shared purpose, creating an environment where these attires are not just items of clothing but symbols of shared experiences and community bonds.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

a. Collaboration with Organisers: Pioneering seamless event experiences necessitates collaboration with esteemed organisers. These collaborations, which might encompass the sale and distribution of event-specific attire, could involve limited access to attendee information. Be assured that these partners are bound by confidentiality obligations driven by legal and ethical commitments. This interweaving of partnerships is a testament to our dedication to excellence and commitment to treating your information with the utmost care.

b. Business Transitions: The business landscape is dynamic, and transformations like mergers or acquisitions may unfold. Amid these transitions, your personal information might become a part of the evolving tapestry. It's paramount to understand that even in these transformative moments, your privacy and security remain sacrosanct, upheld with meticulous care and an unwavering commitment to integrity. Through these transitions, we remain steadfast in our responsibility to protect your information.

c. Compliance with Legal Mandates: Upholding legal mandates and responding to public authority requests are foundational principles. Thus, attendee information might be shared when legally mandated, always within the boundaries established to safeguard your privacy. This adherence to the framework of legality underscores our commitment to a responsible and accountable approach, creating an environment where legal compliance is intertwined with ethical considerations.

Data Security

a. Implementing Security Measures: Protecting the sanctity of your personal information is a mission we uphold with utmost seriousness. We deploy an intricate arsenal of technical and organizational measures to fortify this mission. These layers of protection are designed to repel unauthorized access, inadvertent alterations, untimely disclosures, and inadvertent deletions, forming an impregnable fortress for your digital presence. Through these measures, we strive to create an environment where your data is shielded from potential threats.

b. Embracing Reality with Caution: While our security measures stand firm, the virtual realm is not devoid of vulnerabilities. The intricacies of data transmission and electronic storage mirror a broader canvas of technological intricacies. While our commitment to data security is unyielding, we acknowledge the pragmatic truth that absolute invulnerability remains unattainable. This acknowledgement fuels a perpetual cycle of improvement and vigilance, ensuring that our security measures are continuously adapted to address emerging challenges.

Data Deletion and Retention Policy

User Account Deletion: At Shows.NG, we respect your privacy and are committed to handling your data responsibly. If you choose to delete your user account, please be aware that:

Deletion Request: Upon receiving a request for account deletion, your account will be marked as 'Deleted' in our system.

Retention Period: Your account data will be retained for 60 days following the deletion request. This period allows for data reconciliation and ensures that any pending transactions are completed.

Permanent Deletion: After the 60-day retention period, all your personal data associated with the account will be permanently deleted from our servers.

Event, Ticket, and Uniform Data Deletion

Our data deletion policy extends to events, tickets, and uniforms associated with user accounts:

Events: Any events that have expired or been cancelled will be flagged as such in our system. Expired or cancelled events and their associated data will be permanently deleted from our servers after a retention period of 365 days from the date of expiration or cancellation.

Tickets: Similarly, tickets for events that are either deleted or expired will be retained for 365 days post their expiration or deletion date, after which they will be permanently removed from our database.

Uniforms: Uniform data linked to expired or deleted events will also follow the same retention policy, being stored for 365 days before permanent deletion.

Purpose of Retention

The retention period serves multiple purposes:

Data Reconciliation: This time allows us to ensure that all user activities, including pending transactions or claims, are fully processed and settled.

User Reconsideration: It provides a grace period in case users change their minds about deletion or need to access historical data for any reason.

Regulatory Compliance: This period helps us comply with legal, tax, and auditing requirements.

Your Rights: You have the right to request access to and rectification or erasure of your data, or to restrict or object to its processing. 

Children's Privacy

a. Age Restrictions:  The Website and Services are ethically tailored for individuals aged 18 and above. Our dedication to responsible data handling ensures that the digital vigour of individuals below 18 remains inviolate, untouched by our practices. This commitment embodies our pledge to ethical digital engagements, nurturing a secure and respectful environment for younger users. By adhering to these age restrictions, we aim to create an online environment that is both enriching and safe for users of all ages.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

a. Responding to the Unfurling Tapestry of Change: In a landscape where privacy concerns evolve, and legal landscapes shift, we commit to periodic revisions of our policies. We reserve the right to enhance this Privacy Policy, ensuring it resonates with the evolving landscape. The "Effective Date" is a guiding beacon, leading you to the latest iteration of our dedication to your privacy. Your active engagement with our evolving policies creates a harmonious synergy between your expectations and our practices, facilitating a seamless transition into new privacy paradigms.

b. Your Role in Staying Informed: By immersing yourself in this Privacy Policy, you actively embrace changes that could influence your interaction with our Services. Your role as an informed user becomes vital in maintaining a dynamic equilibrium between evolving privacy norms and your personal preferences, fostering a collaborative atmosphere of vigilance and proactivity. Through your informed engagement, you contribute to the ongoing dialogue of privacy evolution, shaping the contours of our approach.

Inquiries and Concerns

We treasure your partnership and urge you to voice your inquiries, concerns, or reflections. Your engagement isn't merely a transaction; it's a channel for refinement, amplifying our dedication to privacy protection. In this ecosystem of shared responsibility, your inquiries aren't mere interactions; they're stepping stones toward a future fortified with trust and transparency, shaping the evolution of our practices through a symphony of collaboration. Your insights become integral to our continuous improvement, creating a harmonious partnership that paves the way for a digital landscape where privacy is preserved and elevated.

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or our privacy practices, please get in touch with us.