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FAQ for Organisers

Yes! You can use shows.NG to host free events for free. We don’t charge our users who wants to host their free events on our platform.

You can host virtually any type of events on Shows.NG ranging from music concerts, comedy shows, wedding parties, birthday parties, corporate events and lots more. Our platform is limitless when it comes to events.

Selling Tickets on Shows is simple and easy. Once you have created your events and add your ticket details. Our system will generate an event page for you where people can book your events, buy tickets, buy asoebi with easy-to-use payment method.

To use Shows is free for everyone who is hosting and attending free events. You don’t have to pay. But if you’re hosting a paid event or selling asoebi/uniforms, there's a service charge. Visit Our Percentage Page To Learn More. 

Organizers who sells Tickets gets their sales money after 72hours each user makes payment. For instance, all ticket sales that you made today will arrive your bank account in 72hours

We’ve made it easier for Organizers to confirm tickets presented by people at the venue of their events. All tickets have a unique reference number which are always available on organizers dashboard. Meanwhile, our ticket scanning system helps to make ticket confirmation easy. Just use your phone camera to scan the barcode on the ticket and you’d have all the information on the ticket pulled out.

Yes! You can sell asoebi to family and friends easily on shows.NG. To learn how to add asoebi sales to your event, Click Here

Yes! Shows can be used for both virtual and venue events. To learn how to create online events. Click Here

FAQ for Attendees

Yes! You can pay for tickets on shows without using your card. We receive payment through Paystack one of the most trusted payment merchant in Nigeria so you don’t have problem paying with your card. Paystack offers payment via bank transfers, USSD Codes etc. The payment mode is easy and simple.


If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us through our various social media channels, call us, or create a support ticket on our website. We are always ready and available to provide you with any help you may need.

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