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Our goal is to offer a potent and budget-friendly event ticketing and uniform/Asoebi solutions for any event size and complexity.

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All-inclusive event ticketing platform that offers a wide range of features.

Our platform enables you to generate and sell tickets and asoebi for your event. It also allows you to manage all relevant data related to your events, including ticket sales, buyers, and many other features. It is an excellent tool to help you manage your events effectively.

Responsive Design

Our event page is designed to be responsive and easy to use, allowing guests to book events from any device easily.

Are you planning a public or private event?

You can host events publicly for everyone to attend or by invitation only for more controlled access.

Countdown Timer for Events

Our countdown timer is a valuable tool to help you sell your tickets. It displays the date of the event, making it an effective way to generate interest and urgency.

Are you organizing a multi-session or multi-day event?

You can create events that can span multiple sessions or days, depending on your requirements.

Ticket Control

You can offer tickets for sale or provide them for free to all of your event attendees. You have the ability to limit the number of tickets available, and you can also create an unlimited number of ticket types for your event.

Manage Your Tickets

To enhance your experience, you can make changes to your tickets based on your preferences and requirements. This allows you to have greater control over your tickets and ensures that they meet your needs.

Track Tickets

Managing your sales and monitoring the availability of tickets has never been simpler.

Limit your Tickets

You have the ability to set limits on the number of tickets that each user can purchase. This way, you can ensure that everyone has a fair chance of obtaining tickets while still maintaining control over the overall ticket inventory.

Sell uniform/asoebi for your event

Selling Asoebi for your event can be a simple process that ensures your guests have a cohesive and stylish look. You can easily offer beautiful, unique fabric options that complement your event's theme and colour scheme. By providing this service to your attendees, you can also potentially generate additional revenue for your event.

Manage and keep track

Easily monitor and organize all aspects of your event attire directly from your personal dashboard. Stay on top of your asoebi to ensure a smooth and professional appearance for your upcoming event.

Fast Payout

Rest assured that you can be confident that you will receive your payment promptly and efficiently, without any delays, complications, or issues causing you any concern.

Access reports and analysis

With our advanced system, you can effortlessly access and efficiently manage all your events. Additionally, you can obtain and download comprehensive reports to keep track of all the important details. The platform boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface that ensures a seamless experience for your convenience. Our system allows you to access and manage your events and download detailed reports easily. The interface is user-friendly for your convenience.